The Battle of Britain - The Few

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No. 235Blenheim (Coastal Command)
No. 236Blenheim (Coastal Command)
No. 238Hurricane
No. 241Hurricane
No. 245Hurricane
No. 247Hurricane
No. 248Blenheim (Coastal Command)
No. 249Hurricane
No. 253Hurricane
No. 257Hurricane
No. 263Hurricane
No. 264Defiant
No. 266Spitfire
No. 302 (Polish)Hurricane
No. 303 (Polish)Hurricane
No. 310 (Czechoslovakian)Hurricane
No. 312 (Czechoslovakian)Hurricane
No. 501Hurricane
No. 504Hurricane
No. 600Blenheim & Beaufighter
No. 601Hurricane
No. 602Spitfire
No. 603Spitfire
No. 604Blenheim & Beaufighter
No. 605Hurricane
No. 607Hurricane
No. 609Spitfire
No. 610Spitfire
No. 611Spitfire
No. 615Hurricane
No. 616Spitfire
Fleet Air Arm
No. 804Sea Gladiator and Martlet
No. 808Fulmar (flown solo)
Flights - Royal Air Force
No. 421Hurricane & Spitfire
No. 422Hurricane
Fighter Interception Unit Hurricane, Blenheim and Beaufighter

Page 15.